Micro switches

We were planning on using Saia-Burgess G3 series microswitches for our first prototype. Unfortunately these switches have now been declared ‘end of line’, so we started searching for switches in similar actuation force- and price-ranges.

Honeywell’s SM line has extremely low actuation force (some types as low as 0.06 N) and good tactile feedback. The price is pretty steep though (11 euro per switch). We can use these switches for people that absolutely require this low an actuation force, other than that they’re simply too expensive.

The switch that comes closest to the G3 series in price and actuation force is the Omron VX series. It has 0.25 N actuation force against 0.15 N for the G3 series. For comparison: the lightest keyswitch used in regular keyboards rates at 0.55 N. The vx has a travel distance for key actuation of 1.2 mm and the price is pretty much the same as the G3 (2-3 euro per switch).

In the meantime we have received a few switches form a generous donor, so we can get started with the prototype!

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